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May 12, 2014 0 Comments

tom BandA

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Everyone who reads my Facebook page knows I signed up for the program at Eupraxia back in early January (2013). When I signed up, I’d set a goal for myself to lose close to 20lbs. Not knowing what the possibilities were, I really had no idea. All I knew from the get-go was I had been tired of carrying the extra weight. Tired of losing my breath when I tied my shoes, tired of having to hang dry my clothes so they fit when I put them on. All in all, just tired of who I was. It wasn’t who I really wanted to be. I’d gotten good at making jokes about being the jolly fat guy. Deep down inside, I knew there was nothing funny about being a 6’1″ 293lb person. It just wasn’t healthy. So I made the decision to join Eupraxia and change who I was.

Making this kind of lifestyle change wasn’t easy. The workouts were hard and choosing to NOT eat the kind of foods I’d been used to eating was a challenge. I was garbage eating machine. Stopping at a Kwik Trip and not grabbing a sandwich (or 2) or going to Festival Foods and not grabbing some donuts was hard. It was just as much of a habit as anything else. Reese’s Peanut Butter cups are still hard to walk by… So far my will power hasn’t faltered.

As I stated, the workouts are hard, but I chose to make them hard. Sure, I could have slacked off and used lighter weights or did a few less reps. but I signed up to make this worth the effort. Going at it half-assed wasn’t an option… Did it hurt? Hell yes it hurt. Navigating stairs in the first couple weeks was damn-near impossible. Did it get easier as it went on? You bet, but when it did, I pushed harder and used heavier weights. Isn’t that right Lindsay Bonnar…?? 🙂 The only easy workout was yesterday’s workout. [the fitness test]

I want to thank Dr. Steve Czys for assembling a great training staff that keeps people motivated. Lindsay Bonnar, Brian Nichols, Stacie Phillips and the rest of the staff are the best. I also want to thank my wife for attending the workouts with me. She pushed me and encouraged me along the way. Having her there with me made it easier and more enjoyable.

So, after all that….I’m happy to say that I’ve lost 24lbs in those 8 weeks. I didn’t think losing 3lbs a week was possible, but I’ll take it. On top of that, I gained 5lbs in muscle, which I thought was a nice bonus. So there you are. As a side note, Stacey and I have signed up for a year so we can continue to get healthier. It’ll be hard work, but the rewards will be worth it.

Thanks to all my coworkers who’ve encouraged me along the way. It’s fun to hear all the “skinny” comments. Special thanks to the people in my Digital Dept. for eating my Double Stuffed Oreos. I was happy to not have to jump on that grenade myself….LMAO!!

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