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May 12, 2014 0 Comments

stacey B&A

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Back in January of this year (2013) my husband Thomas and I decided to change our lives. For the past 13 years we let ourselves go, ate what we wanted and put ourselves last for anything that concerned our health. I was so disgusted with myself that in March of 2012 I went on a detox program and went from 248 down to 228. That was good but I still wasn’t happy. I knew something more had to be done but I was still putting work and family in front of me and my health. At the same time, and I was very unaware of this, but Tom felt the same way about himself. We were both unhappy and over weight and just way beyond healthy. I’m not sure what happened to flip the trigger in Tom’s head but he signed up for Eupraxia in January and had me join with him.

Our first week was absolute hell. I have to tell you that I had never experienced anything like that in my life. I had gone to gyms temporarily on and off but always dropped out. I was always alone with no one to motivate me or keep me company. So, I’d go hard for a few weeks then start finding excuses to not go. I did that with Curves, Snap Fitness, and a few other Ma and Pa gyms in the La Crosse area. Not that they weren’t effective. They are. But they didn’t work for me. Then came Eupraxia. Like I said Tom signed us both up and I was very skeptical. That first week was very hard and I hurt badly for two weeks. I couldn’t sit right or walk up stairs without crawling up them or scooting down them on my butt. But we kept going – together. That word made all the difference in the world. TOGETHER. I didn’t have anyone with me before but now I had Tom. He helped me to stay motivated. He helped me to stay focused. And the trainers at Eupraxia go above and beyond their job description. They are not just trainers but they are our friends also. We have met so many wonderful people and I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. I hate when I can’t make a class so I do extra on my own to make up for not being there, but we try to go every day – together.

The first 8 week session came to a close and the weigh in approached. Tom lost over 20 pounds and I lost about 14. I was losing weight, gaining muscle and feeling great. Hard work pays off and we are proof. Everyone that goes to Eupraxia and sticks with it finds results. It’s what you put into it that yields you the pay off you want. We do the classes and follow the suggested diet plan and we love it. Our children eat what we eat and they are improving health-wise as well. Our daughters migraines have diminished greatly and our son has become more focused. It’s not a weight loss program. It’s not a diet. It’s a life style change, and one that works.

Tom and I continue our journey. It would be nice if we women could loose weight like guys do, but we don’t so we have to work harder, but that’s okay. I don’t mind. I am very proud of my husband for stepping up and taking our lives in his hands and changing us for the better. I don’t know how to properly thank him for literally saving our lives. To the trainers at Eupraxia, thank you. Words can not express our gratitude. We will stay with Eupraxia, Steve Czys (the owner and president of Eupraxia) and all the trainers even after we reach our goals. Anyone who wants to change their life can. Change is hard, but it can also be very good for you.

So, looking forward to more changes, more classes and more time with my great workout partner, my husband and best friend. Thank you.

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