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What do muscles, food and your brain have in common?

February 5, 2020 0 Comments


food imageThis graphic was sent to me by a member who said it just really spoke to her about some things she has learned at Eupraxia. Then it stuck with me here too this morning. Not because I am advocating for the occasional donut…we all have our things, right? 😉
But because we are in the start of a new year, in the thick of a group of 6 week challengers and are starting a new challenge on Saturday.

Now we have been doing our 6 week challenges here long enough to where I have started to see patterns and common statements.

“I love your meal plan, but I just can’t follow it ALL the time.”
“I am following the meal plan but man I love my <insert favorite indulgence here>”
“I do great during the week but man nights or weekends are hard.”
To which my reply is always something along the lines of “you don’t have to be strict FOREVER, you just have to be strict for 6 weeks!”

Knowledge is awesome. Application of knowledge is POWER! So I am going to drop some truths. The rest is up to you.

Too often I think people let one slip or one bad choice spiral the entire day out of control. Then before too long the office donut becomes the donut, a bag of chips, a candy bar, topped off with a frozen pizza for dinner. Here is the secret in this…the one donut does NOT ruin all you worked for.

All the good things you are doing are not undone in one moment of habitual weakness. You are not only training and growing muscles here, you are growing, training and changing your BRAIN! Your thoughts need to be exercised too. And sometimes we hit failure reps. That doesn’t mean the rest of the workout was pointless!

Your willpower at the end of the day is always going to be depleted. I wish I was the one who wrote the following. But I just cant state this any better than one of my favorite bloggers, Jason Seib, here:

“Since willpower is depleted all day, you are left with a very low supply of it in the evening and it’s much harder to avoid junk food and alcohol if your inner voice is trying to convince you that those things will make you feel better.  Which brings me to my next point…

most of the junk food and alcohol you consume is about medicating negative emotions.  There aren’t as many negative emotions that need medicating first thing in the morning when the day is brand new.

After a hard day, especially those days that included a lot of your own self-deprecating thoughts (“I’m fat and ugly, that person at work doesn’t like me, I’m a fraud and everyone is going to find out soon,” etc.), you can convince yourself that a nice dopamine hit will make everything better.

Unfortunately, junk food and alcohol really only guarantee that you will get to feel exactly like this again soon because you are avoiding your thoughts rather than fixing them.

Fixing your thoughts is what I meant when I said that both of these problems need to be handled the same way. You CANNOT be successful if you are solely dependent on willpower to lose weight.  That never works for anyone.

Did you catch that? You CANNOT be successful if you are solely depending on your willpower! I love that. One of the things we teach people is to get the crap out of your house. Make it hard to make unhealthy choices. We want to help you however we can with all of this, and our 6 week challenge is a great way to start.

Our meal plan is not the kinds that leaves you wondering what to do after the 6 weeks is up. It teaches you a beautiful circular process that you can rinse and repeat for the rest of your life! We have this challenge set up to hopefully keep you motivated to stick with it and get some good habits set here on the front end, meet some goals and then have FREEDOM to enjoy the rest of your life! Whether that means the occasional glass of wine, donut or whatever. The point here is to intentionally choose your treat and enjoy it and move on!

And if you want to do the challenge, just sign up here or email us directly at and we will reach out!

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