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Hi!! I’m Alex. I am currently a junior at UWL on the Exercise Sports Science Fitness track. Growing up next to a river and woods meant I was always doing something outside. My family is also very active and has always been healthy eaters. Throughout elementary and middle school, I bounced around sports and tried out pretty much everything I had access to. Freshman year of Highschool, I decided to start running long distance for track. This is where my love for running began. 

Well actually I never LOVED running, but I moved in 7th grade and running was where I met my first friend group. During sophomore year, I continued to run and began running during the fall for Cross Country as well. I continued to run for the next couple years of high school. All this running meant I burned a lot of calories daily. I have always struggled to gain weight but halfway through my senior year, I was very unhappy with my body. I only felt confident around my family and friends. I wanted to change how I felt about myself and decided to start lifting. I was super excited to start growing in size and confidence, and then Covid hit. Every gym in my area closed with no reopen date in sight, but I had a couple exercise bands, a pull-up bar, and a set of 15-pound dumbbells at home so I started working out in my basement. I fell in love with lifting and was back at the gym the second they opened back up. I grew in size but I also grew in confidence, discipline, and passion for my health. I kept lifting when I came to college and haven’t stopped since I started

Fast Forward to my junior year of college, my passion for fitness has led me to an Exercise Science major as well as a position at Eupraxia. I love leading classes and getting to know every single member, even though there are a lot of names to remember 🙂