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Top 8 Gym Membership Tips

March 6, 2021 0 Comments

group1Based On Thousands Of Our Own Gym Members, By The Way.

So this isn’t theory.

This is what we know works.

Over and over and over.


Here we go.

Tip #1: Gratitude

Being able to exercise is always a blessing.

It’s never a punishment for what someone ate.

It’s never a punishment, period.

I’ve been injured, and physically could not run, or do a burpee, or walk.

It’s awful when the ability to exercise is taken away.

Anyone that is able to exercise. Appreciate it.

View every workout as an opportunity to be grateful for.

Tip #2: Self Love

We train because we love our body and everything it can do.

Never because there is a part or feature we hate.

Training because of love is positive and healthy.

Our bodies are so amazing.

We train because we love the body we’ve been given and we want to treat it well.

Tip #3: Strength

Train for it.

Strong is Empowering! Yes, that includes ladies!

The biggest mistake I see women make over and over again; lack of strength training.

Strength training will burn fat faster than “cardio.”

Strength training is addicting. It’s fun moving to a bigger kettlebell.

Strength builds confidence.

Guys, we need to be stronger as a whole. I’m serious.

Not sure how to strength train?

That’s okay. We teach you exactly what to do.

Tip #4: Food

People cannot out-train a bad diets. Period.

Ask these 2 questions.

Does this diet plan make sense for kids?

Can I do it forever?

If the answer is no to either of those, don’t do it.

Most diet plans are short term, money wasting, gimmicks.
– Replacement Shakes
– Detoxes
– Point Counting
– Macro Plans
– Starvation
– Thermogenics
– Drugs
– Body Wrapping
– Etc….

What makes sense for kids?
What can I do forever?

Buy the right whole foods and make great simple meals.

We show exactly what foods to buy.

And, the simple meals to make with those foods.

And, teach how much and when to eat.

It applies to the whole family.

And, most actually save money on the grocery bill.

We are the best at teaching this. Our member results are proof.

Tip #5: Purpose

Whatever is most important to a person…

Whatever it is. Being fit and healthy makes that better.

For me it’s my family.

Being strong, fit, and energetic makes me a better dad.

And being a great dad is the most important thing to me.

When a person sees how being fit, strong, and healthy improves whatever he/she loves the most.

Outside motivation will never be needed.

He/she will identify as fit, strong, and healthy.

Tip #6: Community

Working out alone isn’t fun.

I promise, nobody pushes as hard when they’re alone.

People don’t get as good of results when alone.

People won’t get results as fast when alone.

People will stop sooner when alone.

Training with others is much more effective.

And it’s not even close.

And most importantly.

It’s much more fun!

Tip #7: Fun

Make exercise as fun as possible.

Squats alone at home. Not fun.

Squats with a group of people, great music, and high energy. Fun!

Progress at the gym. Fun

Putting on that dress you never thought you’d fit in again. Fun

Proudly putting on the swimsuit this summer. Fun

Have fun while exercising.

Have fun cooking and enjoying great healthy meals.

And have fun reaping the rewards from your consistent eating and exercise habits.

Enjoy the process and enjoy what the process gets you.

Tip #8: Consistency

1000’s of members.

Those that get the best results.

Show up.


Over and over and over again.

There are a millions gimmicks out there.

Nobody needs them.

The best workout equipment, by far is…

Other people.

That push each other.

And help keep us all coming back.



For persons that would like someone to show exactly how to do all of this?


That’s what we do.

All day, every day.

Who knows.

Like many others, working out with us may become something you look forward to every day. Consider that a warning 😉

Our most popular option is our 6 week challenge that folks can earn for free.


You can get it all for free.

But it’s going to take some work.

And let’s be honest. Working out takes work. Fun work

Maybe trying us out a week for free sounds great.

Or have a private one on one intro session.

You can find all of our options here:


PS – Eupraxia is full of fun, positive people. If you like to complain and make excuses. We’re not for you.

PPS – Sweating, grunting, and lack of makeup is common here.

PPPS – Not sure? The hardest part is the first day. Just click the link and promise yourself you’ll show up.

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