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May 12, 2014 0 Comments

teesha after pics

See her YouTube video HERE!

First off, can I just say to anyone thinking about joining Eupraxia… DO IT! You’ll fall in love with the program and the results. Not the first day, but eventually you will! On my first day at Eupraxia, I literally walked into the changing room half way through the workout and tried talking myself out of doing it. I told myself I’d finish out the two weeks, but I was NOT signing on for a year! I went out and finished the workout, and I haven’t looked back since.

I came back the next day with a whole new outlook. I don’t just come to each class and go through the motions; I really push myself every time I go. I won’t lie, some workouts really suck…some kick your butt…but you can’t beat the way you feel when you get done with a workout! My favorite days are the ones that leave me laying on the floor dripping in sweat! Greatest feeling in the world 🙂 I not only embraced the exercise side of the program, but also the nutrition side. I didn’t think I would, but I’ve kind of just fell into it. You start to realize just how bad some of the things are that you’ve been putting into your body for so long. My old eating habits consisted of…(don’t judge!)…TONS of chicken alfredo, spaghetti, poptarts, brownies, DONUTS, anything with butter, and pizza. And definitely didn’t eat these things in moderation!

Since starting at Eupraxia, I’ve done a 180 with my eating habits. I eat fruits, vegetables, and nuts for snacks, and I make it a point to make healthy meals. I make a grocery list and stick to it…no more grabbing all those unnecessary junk food items off the shelves! Trust me everyone…if I can eat the right way, you can too! I LOVE food!

Anyways…I’m so thankful I found Eupraxia because I now weigh less than I did even two years before I had my two children. Not only that, but I have so much more muscle definition, and I feel amazing! My life has changed so much since I started. Thank you so much Steve, Lindsay, and Amber! You guys are all amazing 🙂

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