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May 12, 2014 0 Comments

RICKS numbersOver the last several years I have started and stopped numerous fitness programs, clubs and diets with varying success and failure.  My weight numbers yo-yoed up and down.  Worse yet, my blood work never really changed and trended for the worst in that time frame.  When I look at testimonials already written on this and other fitness pages, it’s not hard to identify an abundance of underlying factors that motivate and keep individuals motivated.  For me it was a picture of my self and not recognizing the person I was staring at.  I didn’t feel that bad, how could I look so bad?  This coupled with the fact that my family has a history of heart disease at a young age and this was cause for concern.  My father had open-heart surgery at the age of 45 and I am getting closer to that age every day.  My grandfather suffered a heart attack and passed at an early age.  I looked at that one picture and instantly felt my own mortality.

My doctor had prescribed all the normal health care things. They classified me as obese and pre diabetic, prescribed the standard meds, encouraged me to change my eating habits and exercise, etc.  The only person that could really make a difference stared back at me in the mirror every morning.

I floundered trying to find the right answers.  All that changed when our friends started their first week of Eupraxia.  Even after learning what a burpee was and witnessing numerous wall sit demonstrations, my wife, Theresa, and I felt like this was something we had to check out.   What could it hurt?

What we found after joining Eupraxia was more than we ever expected.   The Eupraxia staff take a genuine interest in your personal success.  The workouts are challenging and easily modified to meet any fitness level.  The members are a great group of people and fun to be around.  From a personal perspective I started this journey with a lot of room for improvement.  Nine months later I am making progress on changing my body composition. No longer do I need to buy new clothes because they “shrunk in the dryer”.    I have lost weight.  What is even better I have lost fat and gained muscle.  I no longer take blood sugar medication and all my blood cholesterol numbers are trending for the better.  Much better.

Joining Eupraxia was a life changing moment.  Thank you for all that you and the staff do day in and day out.

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