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May 12, 2014 0 Comments

ashleyI’ve struggled with chronically painful IBS for a very long time…like years. Several months ago I was also anemic, although this has since improved over the last few months.

Lets back up…

In May 2012, I had my first baby. With getting pregnant I knew I would have to face one of my biggest fears…getting my blood drawn. Yes, I hate hate hate shots and needles, like panic attack hate them. So before getting pregnant I never would have gotten a blood draw. So I went through the pregnancy just fine but I had really low platelets. Luckily they weren’t too low that I could have a natural birth.

So finally, after I had my baby, I was excited about maybe finally figuring out why I have such bad stomachaches and diarrhea multiple times per week, for years and years. (Since I was a teenager!)

The first thing that doctors want to do is check your blood, so I’m like “great, I’m used to this by now.” Well it turns out that I was anemic. I had low white blood cells, and had low platelets. I saw several doctors, but it still remained a mystery as to why I still felt so crummy. This all started in November of 2012. Months go by of testing my blood, my numbers don’t change much, and the low white blood cell count is concerning – cancer concerning. One doctor said, if it wasn’t better next time, we would have to do a bone marrow test!

At this point I was also Dr. Steve’s chiropractic patient and he had educated me a lot on food. So I decided that I had to get with it and eat healthier! A couple months later my counts in the blood were a lot better and no bone marrow test was needed! But I was still getting stomachaches a lot (honestly, I wasn’t following Dr. Steve’s full program).

My next step was a colonoscopy and endoscopy – not fun. My grandfather died of stomach cancer so we all are pretty cautious with this sort of stuff. They didn’t find much except that my insides were irritated. Well I could have told you that! So then more blood work and trying to eat even better. I really reduced my wheat intake and that actually helped a bunch with IBS! I was shocked. But I still felt run down a lot and still had these weird pressure/bloat stomachaches. I asked for the docs to check my gallbladder, as I heard a lot about that from other people. It turned out I had a massive stone in mine that was causing all sorts of problems. Surgery here I come! It was then that I thought, I really need a change!

Luckily, I saw that Eupraxia was having one of their sessions just as I would be cleared to lift after surgery. I thought, “this is it, the time is now” and I signed up.

After the eight week session I just didn’t want to stop coming. I make it part of my routine and its one of my priorities in keeping my health well. I still struggle with IBS from time to time, but I know when I eat as Eupraxia teaches I do much better – its just a choice when it all boils down to it!

Its not been easy by any means, but what I’ve learned along the way is that I love the challenge – and I never disappoint myself. I get through each work out which leaves me feeling proud and accomplished and I think my results reflect that too.

My results have been great. Family members who haven’t seen me in a while have commented on how great I look and people are curious about what I’ve been doing. I’m getting stronger, I don’t have as many stomachaches, I feel great, and I look forward to the workouts every day.

I tell everyone I know about Eupraxia and how its changed my life.

Seriously – the best investment in my health I’ve ever done!

Thanks Eupraxia!


I also recently finally got a name for my autoimmune disease – its called immunothrombocytopenia. My body attacks its own platelets and I don’t have a lot of them so I have to be careful that I don’t bleed too much. But their is nothing I can really do about it besides eat healthy – so it seems I’m on the right track.

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