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Hot Chocolate and Chocolate “Milk”

May 30, 2014 0 Comments

GreensHot Chocolate and Chocolate “Milk”

Hot Chocolate is always a favorite, no matter what the season.  You too can have your hot chocolate around that campfire on a late summer night.  All you have to do is warm up some coconut milk, add in some unsweetened cocoa powder, and enjoy.  If you prefer it a tad sweeter, you can always add a touch of honey or stevia.  On a hot summer day, you can skip warming it up, add some ice, and blend for a healthy chocolate shake. Adding a banana and an egg to this smoothie is awesome for post workout.

Another healthy drink option is to take a scoop of the Espresso Dynamic Greens drink we sell at Eupraxia and mix with a bottle of water or glass of coconut milk.  We have four great flavors of Dynamic Greens if you don’t like the flavor of coffee. They are all delicious and can be added to smoothies and more.

*I am really enjoying adding the Espresso Greens to my coffee as a treat. AMAZING! The Strawberry Kiwi is also great in coconut milk.

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