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May 12, 2014 0 Comments


Towards the end of 2011 I no longer recognized myself, either on the outside or inside, and I didn’t need to know what the scale said…the mirror and pictures from the previous couple years said everything.  I was fed up, so near the end of 2011 I started to become more aware of what I was eating and doing.  I decided that I’d finish off the holidays and really move towards getting healthier in 2012.

Things started off pretty well. In the first couple months, I dropped a good amount of weight by watching what I was eating and getting on my indoor stationary trainer with my bike daily.  I had just turned 31 in January and then on February 22, 2012 I had a heart attack.  No one was able to give a reason for it and every Doctor I talked to was puzzled. Every person I saw, their first question was to ask about my family history.  I honestly thought it was strange how my grandparents, having multiple heart issues in their 60s and 70s, had anything to do with me having one at 31.

I never ate horribly, at least no worse than anyone else I knew and I’d be the first to admit I was not in the best shape, but again, no worse than most others I knew.  I was told I’d probably have to be on several prescriptions, most likely the rest of my life.  It seemed I was being told to give up.  I may well have had I not come across Dr. Steve Czys and Eupraxia.

I changed the way I eat pretty dramatically, after really thinking about what I used to eat on a regular basis.  Steve gives a lot of good information and is able to back up everything that is taught with scientific facts.  Everything that is taught makes perfect sense, because there are no fads or gimmicks, just facts.

For me, one of the biggest surprises with Eupraxia is that there aren’t shelves full of protein powders, supplements, and diet products like so many other places.  He only sells what he believes in and can prove the benefits with the scientific facts.  I’ve never felt that I’m being sold something I don’t need or want just for the sake of selling something to me.

I’ve had gym memberships in the past but I never got very far in anything I tried doing because I felt intimidated most of the time and only had a general idea of what I needed to do to get the results I was looking for.  More than anything, I needed guidance in my workouts.  At Eupraxia, the workouts are fun, different every day, challenging and most importantly, they work! The atmosphere is different than anywhere else I had been and everyone there from trainers to other members are positive and encouraging.  Having other people around doing the same thing really pushed me to do more and be better.  I’ve been able to push myself further physically than I ever would have on my own.  The diet admittedly was more difficult to adopt than the workouts, but the more I’ve changed to what I should be eating (and really should have been all along) I feel a lot better, I have more energy and genuinely enjoy the way I eat now.  I’m thrilled with the results and am really looking forward to the next year to see what I can accomplish.  I’ve set some new goals, one of which is to get off the prescriptions, and can’t wait to continue what I’ve started.

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My goal when writing is to take confusing or complicated information and make it easy to understand and apply. I have spent the last decade obsessively researching and teaching how to improve performance and longevity. Dr Czys

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