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May 26, 2014 0 Comments

eupraxia phoenix


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Welcome to our new blog! Before we get into too many details, you should know what you have stumbled upon:

 This information is here to help teach you how to take control of your own health. Eupraxia will teach you exactly what to eat and how to exercise to get the leanest, strongest, healthiest body with the least amount of pain, suffering and sacrifice possible.

Eupraxia has been created to give you the tools you need to make huge changes in your life, without spending hours on a treadmill, counting calories. Sounds too good to be true? Try it for 8 weeks and watch your body transform before your eyes, feel your energy levels increase from one day to the next, and discover the power of living up to your genetic potential. To take a closer look at what this program is about, please visit our website.

The leading cause of bankruptcy in America is healthcare; and cancer, diabetes and heart disease rates are only going up. What we can do is give you tools to help prevent these things from ever happening. This post will give you five tips to start on a path that could possibly save your life.

  • 1. Shop the outer perimeter of the grocery store. Unless you are after toilet paper or toothpaste, just go around. Food is supposed to spoil, and all the non-perishable “food-like substances” are kept in the center aisles. Non-perishable ultimately means that mold is smart enough not to eat it. If it has more than 5 ingredients or ingredients you can’t pronounce, dont eat it!
  • 2. Replace all of your vegetable and canola oils with healthy oils. When using an oil to cook with high heat, skip the ones that are liquid at room temperature. Go for coconut oil, palm oil, ghee or a good pastured butter. You could even render your own lard to save some cash. (super easy and it only cost me $3 from a local farmer.) Save the liquid oils, such as olive oil, nut oils and avocado oil, for adding flavor to salads or cooked foods.
  • 3. Make it a point to MOVE for at least half an hour a day. Even if it is just taking a brisk walk, or an intense workout, you are doing something good for your health. That leaves you 23 1/2 hours left in the day to remain seated.
  • 4. Make your meals something you enjoy and look forward too. Don’t think of all of the things you “can’t” have. Simply change your perception and choose not to eat things you know are harmful. Sit down and enjoy your meal, knowing that you are providing your body the proper fuel in needs to live your life to the fullest.
  • 5. Don’t deprive yourself! No one is perfect and we all have to live! If you slip up, have a “cheat” day or make a conscious decision to indulge, ENJOY it. Then get up the next day and pick up where you left off, knowing you are doing the right things for your body.

~Best of health to you all!

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My goal when writing is to take confusing or complicated information and make it easy to understand and apply. I have spent the last decade obsessively researching and teaching how to improve performance and longevity. Dr Czys

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