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Spotlight on Moms – Beth

May 20, 2014 0 Comments

Beth and kids

Your Name: Beth Degener

Kids: My husband and I have two kids; our little guy is 2 1/2, and our big girl is 4 1/2.

Favorite exercise: Our favorite ways to exercise with the kiddos are dancing and going for walks.

Favorite healthy foods: Healthy staples in our home include eggs, chicken, fish, tomatoes, and of course fruits of all kinds.

Tricks to get kids to eat healthier foods/make better choices: As most parents know, getting kids to eat healthy can be quite a challenge! And while we don’t win every health food battle, we do try to arm ourselves with creative ideas. We have staple foods, like chicken and eggs, and we also have kid favorites, like pizza and hot dogs. The trick is to try to keep the staple and favorite foods minimally processed, and add the healthy foods in fun ways. We do this by providing foods in all the colors of the rainbow, and serving them in fun shapes and patterns. When we’re feeling particularly patient, we let them help us prepare the food. We try to offer healthy treats too, like organic candies or healthy homemade baked goods.

Goals for family and children: Healthy living is a journey, and not one that’s easily made over night. We still have a few bad habits that we are trying to rid ourselves of, like occasional trips through drive-throughs or late-night pizza delivery. Currently, I’m trying to cut back on wine as well (easier said than done!). For the kids, I’d like to try to find healthy replacements for dairy products as they’ve been having tummy troubles from too much milk and cheese (also easier said than done in the dairy state).

Overcoming obstacles for health as a mother AND how Eupraxia has impacted my role as a wife and mom: By far, the most significant obstacle that I need to overcome for good health is stress. Being a wife, mom of two, and full-time worker is down right draining. I’ve fallen into the all too common habit of neglecting to take care of myself. Eupraxia is a major step in the right direction. A truly healthy person nourishes their body, mind, and spirit equally. By strengthening my body, I am building one of the pillars of wellbeing. It’s impossible to be a good mom or wife when you are run-down all the time. Eupraxia is going to help me offer the best of myself, not just the rest of myself.

Making children a part of purpose for healthy living: Life is solely about growing as a person. Being a parent is tough because having children means that in addition to being responsible for your own growth, you are now responsible for the growth of other future adults. It’s important for kids to be a part of your own growth; little eyes see everything and little minds absorb everything, so it’s best to lead by example. Teach kids to eat well, exercise, and be kind by doing so yourself, and they will repeat your actions.

Advice for moms starting journey: I’m probably not the most qualified mom to be giving advice considering that I’ve only been at Eupraxia since the end of April, but I can share what works for me. The first steps are always the hardest to take, but as long as you are putting one foot in front of the other, then you are moving in the right direction; forward. Praise every effort you make, and NEVER criticize yourself! It’s a universal truth that no one is perfect, so if you slip-up, just acknowledge it and move on. Don’t neglect any of the pillars of good health; body, mind, and spirit (no religion necessary!).

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At Eupraxia we not only teach the best way to exercise, we also teach our members about nutrition and food. Our goal is to help people take control of their own health!

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